Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C.'s full range of services for businesses includes:

In addition to providing the services noted above, Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. can work closely with your other established advisors, such as attorneys, bankers, and insurance and investment professionals in ensuring that your total financial needs are met in a cohesive manner. Should you need introductions to any such specialist, we stand ready to make recommendations based upon our knowledge of your needs.


When compilation of financial data is needed, we assemble information from various company records and create statements which are meaningful as financial management tools.


Business clients frequently require us to perform an accounting review, or an analysis of the current financial condition of the company, based upon financial statements and supporting records and documents. A review may also include: an analysis of accounting methods, cash flow analysis, or a review of tax strategies. Comparisons of company results to industry norms or ratios may be made, and areas of concern or possible advantage may be explored.


Certified audits are preformed when assurances are required that financial statements have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. They may also included review of internal financial controls or operational procedures, as well as a testing of supporting transactions and balances in order that assurances may be made that financials have a basis in fact.

Regardless of your size or the complexity of your situation, Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. can provide reports with the appropriate level of assurance for your decision-making or legal requirements.

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Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. provides tax planning assistance, carefully considering alternative actions and timing of transactions. We present options for the minimization of tax liability while keeping in mind your company's financial objectives, and the rapidly changing business and tax environment.

Business tax planning may involve strategic decision making relative to the form of business structure, ownership changes, domicile, inventory methods, acquisitions and diversities, and any other corporate actions which may materially affect the tax position of the firm. Because of our experience with a broad range of business situations, we can guide you in to taking actions, and avoiding areas of potential difficulties.

In preparing taxes we utilize computer capabilities in selecting, and in some cases, comparing appropriate methods. We file all required business taxes, which may include sale, payroll, franchise, unemployment and excise taxes. We also assist businesses in decision making by reviewing the implications of day-to-day actions such as those related to sales tax depreciation, and the timing of transactions. Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. frequently communicates with tax authorities to receive opinions related to possible company actions, before decisions are made to proceed. In addition, we represent clients by defending tax-related actions taken, should the Internal Revenue Service or state tax authorities question practices or returns filed. In such inquiries or audits, we stand ready to negotiate effectively on your behalf, and expediently resolve issues.

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At Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. we have made a major commitment to computerizing our own operations. Our staff of computer advisory professional is dedicated to assisting the client companies with computer-related maters. We have the capabilities for providing training at client locations, and utilize portable computers at client facilities, as needed, to most effectively service your account. We also stand ready to provide system support as your business and computing needs change.

Internally, we are fully networked, giving our professionals access to a fully range of computerized tax planning, projection, and preparation programs. Our tax research library utilizes CD ROM technology; this affords us the ability to quickly research and obtain cross references to items which may affect a client's situation. We also have the capabilities for direct computer connection to the Online research system of the Commerce Clearing House. These tools are used in combination with professional evaluation in making recommendations and taking timely actions on your behalf.

We frequently work with a company's computer specialists, or outside consultants in evaluating and enhancing their financial compilation and reporting capabilities. We review hardware capabilities and configuration, and determine current and future software needs. We may also make recommendations regarding the specialized use of software, or changes you may make in your internal processing which may contribute to time and cost efficiencies in the exchange of information between your company and Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C..

We have built an extensive library of financial software, enabling us to meet the particular demands of a wide variety of industries. In addition, firm specialists have an expert working knowledge of all major bookkeeping and accounting software programs. We are therefore able to save you time and money by advising you regarding purchases and upgrades, as well as the optimization of your current system.

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Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. assists businesses and their employees with planning, reporting, and tax issues related to international activities.

Companies and holding companies may, if the need arises, receive assistance from us relative to relocation, the structure of foreign activities and holdings, and financial reporting methods and requirements. Issues related to country and local taxes may also resolved.

Employees with international tax obligations related to foreign domicile may also be advised regarding alternatives and tax treatments appropriate to their particular situations. In situations where local country expertise is required, Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. confers on your behalf with qualified professionals. You may have the confidence of knowing that as you accounting needs become more complex, they can still be managed by the same firm which is well versed with your particular situation.


In working with businesses, our involvement often goes beyond financial planning, reporting, and tax needs. We frequently advise clients regarding business management issues to help them in today's complex business and financial environment.

We may act in the capacity of advisor to management in defining business goals and preparing plans of action, identifying opportunities for, and implementing operational efficiencies, improving controls, increasing cash flow and profitability.

We are also experienced in undertaking business valuations, which may be required for such purposes as: acquisitions and sales, investments, divorce or other litigation, or in estate or gift tax situations.

Valuations are made by evaluating historical financial records, reviewing industry standards, collecting data related to assets and other financial records, and reviewing company projections, income streams, and non-financial components and influences. Clients may have confidence in our accuracy and thoroughness, and be assured that informed business decisions may be made on the basis of such valuations.

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Support may be provided to a client's attorneys in litigation situations where finances and asset valuations play an important role. Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. provides assistance to firms involved in such corporate actions as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and sales. Personal matters, such as divorce and estate settlement, may require our interaction with a client's legal counsel.

The company stands prepared to work with the client's attorneys in the provision of appropriate reports and supporting documents, as well as advice related to tax, accounting requirements, and business valuations.

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Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. works with client companies in both establishing and administering retirement programs in accordance with client needs, availability of resources, contractual agreements, government and other special requirements.

We may work with actuaries or investment advisors in projecting future needs, as well as in determining the structure and composition of the underlying plan assets. Accounts are reviewed regularly to ensure that plans are in compliance with government requirements. We also work with pension administrators and actuaries on an ongoing basis, supplying them with financial data required for the management of existing programs.

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Businesses in need of financing are assisted by Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C., both in the preparation of proposals, and in the solicitation of funds.

We work with companies to transform ideas and plans into a cohesive package which includes critical financial and non-financial elements. After summarizing your current position, we outline needs and proposed uses of additional funds, and prepare future projections with respect to return on investment or payback of funds.

Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. can also bring your proposal to attention of carefully selected sources of funds which might, depending upon your needs and circumstances, be local or national banks, private investors, venture capital firms, small business associates or state development authorities.

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