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Services which the company offers individuals include:

Tax Advising and Preparation Estate, Trust and Gift Planning Financial Planning Retirement Planning Elder Financial Management

Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. can work closely with other professionals, such as your attorney, banker, and insurance and investment advisors to ensure that your financial needs are met with coordinated solutions. Should you need introductions to any other advisors or professionals, we stand ready to make recommendations based upon our knowledge of your needs.


Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. provides personal tax planning assistance, carefully considering alternative course of action and the timing of transactions. Keeping in mind our financial goals, and the rapidly changing regulatory environment, we present you with options for minimization of tax liability.

Individuals receive assistance in making personal financial decisions and in structuring tax-related situations to best achieve financial and lifestyle goals. To do this, we review with you our estimate of the potential tax liability of anticipated actions and investments, the advantages of various treatments, and steps which you might consider due to changes in regulations or your personal situation.

Individuals with complex situations due to dual residency, or frequent changes of international domicile due to corporate transfers are also advised regarding available alternatives and required tax filings.

We advised clients regarding federal and state income taxes, estimated taxes, and personal property taxes, and prepare schedules and documentation as required.

Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. frequently confers with tax authorities to receive opinions prior to taking actions on matters with significant tax implications. We also represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service and state tax authorities by responding to inquiries and resolving audit situations.

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In assisting clients with the management of accumulated wealth, we advise them regarding asset distribution, both during their lifetime and from their future estates. We advise clients regarding estate planning, with the goal of ensuring their heirs receive the maximum legal disposition of assets. Our involvement includes the structuring of ownership of assets, assessment of the implications of state and federal estate taxes, and ensuring sufficient liquidity for estate tax payment.

In the establishment of trust agreements, Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. personnel can work in conjunction with the advisors of your choice, or we can recommend professionals to meet your particular needs.

Our role may include: providing financial information for use in determine the size and structure of the trust; determining the most advantageous methods for reducing tax burdens; and the financial administering of the trust. We frequently meet with attorneys regarding the legal documentation of trusts and others such as investments and insurance advisors who make recommendations regarding the structure of investment portfolios and choices of beneficiaries.

We also assist you in evaluating the possible tax and other consequences of making distributions as gifts or bequests.

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Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. works with individuals to articulate their financial goals and prepare customized plans based upon such objectives as increasing net worth reducing taxes, or improving liquidity. We also assist in structuring and monitoring funds for such purposes as education, retirement, or the special care of family members.

We may also assist you in the preparation of budget, plans for debt reduction, and the evaluation of insurance needs. Because we are aware of your total financial situation and are not compensated on a commission basis, you may be assured that recommendation we make on you behalf will be both informed and objective.

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When assisting individuals with retirement plans, we review benefits which are anticipated due to past or present employment, as well as other pension benefits which have been accumulated personally.

Given your anticipated timing for retirement, any special needs you may have, and the level of investment risk with which you are comfortable, we work with your investment and insurance advisors to recommend measures for building adequate resource to accommodate your needs.


As longevity increases, so does the importance of projecting needs many years into the future, and ensuring adequate resources, income and provision for care in one's later years.

Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. can assist you in planning for your own care or that of a relative, such a parent. We work with your legal, investment or insurance advisors in making assumptions regarding future interest rates and economic conditions, and in developing plans for sufficient cash flow for anticipated expenses and care.

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